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How Much Does Ketamine Cost in Maryland?

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Maryland ketamine prices are comparable to national averages, ranging from $300 to $1,300 per session. Pricing varies based on factors such as the treatment type, provider expertise, clinic location, and facility quality. Insurance coverage, private funding, and financing options can help subsidize the costs. 

Here, we review Maryland ketamine prices and cost-saving strategies, ensuring this life-saving therapy is available to all who need it.

Maryland Ketamine Clinic Costs by Treatment

Maryland offers several types of clinical ketamine therapy with distinct cost structures and insurance coverage options. 

Maryland ketamine costs infographic

Intravenous (IV) Ketamine Therapy

IV ketamine therapy is the most prevalent form in Maryland and is known for its efficacy in treating severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. The cost for each IV ketamine session ranges from $400 to $1,000. 

Patients typically undergo six to eight sessions over two to three weeks. Full protocols can range from $2,400 to $8,000, depending on the number of Infusions. Additionally, some patients require periodic booster sessions to maximize and prolong the benefits.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

KAP combines ketamine infusions with psychotherapy sessions. This integrated approach includes therapy before, during, and after ketamine administration. 

In Maryland, KAP therapists charge approximately $160 per hour, raising the IV costs to between $560 and $1,160 per session. An entire course of KAP can cost between $3,300 and around $7,000 or more.

Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine Therapy

IM ketamine therapy, which involves injecting ketamine into the muscle, is a more budget-friendly option in Maryland. Each session costs about $300, with additional monitoring fees. If therapy is included, prices can rise to $400 per session. A complete series of IM treatments generally cost around $2,500.

Spravato® (Esketamine) Therapy

Spravato®, a nasal spray form of esketamine, offers another ketamine treatment option. Without insurance, costs are substantial, ranging from $10,800 to $15,600 for an eight-week protocol. This includes medication costs of $600 to $900 per dose and monitoring fees of $200 to $400 per session. 

With insurance, Maryland Spravato® costs drop significantly. 

  • Out-of-network ketamine clinics may charge between $2,400 and $4,800
  • In-network clinics can charge as low as $480 to $720 for the entire treatment course.

Factors Influencing Ketamine Therapy Costs in Maryland

Therapy Modality

The primary factor affecting Maryland ketamine therapy costs is the treatment type. 

IV ketamine and KAP protocols tend to be more expensive due to the extensive clinical support required. However, Spravato® is the most costly out-of-pocket unless covered by insurance. And even then, patients who have insurance sometimes struggle to get approved for the Spravato® coverage and may not have access to an in-network ketamine clinic. 

Clinic Qualifications 

Experienced providers often charge higher fees due to their advanced training and expertise. Maryland ketamine clinics with specialized knowledge that offer personalized treatment plans, comprehensive monitoring, and thorough follow-up care contribute to higher overall costs.

Ketamine Infusions in Bethesda, MD, McLean, VA and Washington, DC

Regional Pricing

Urban centers like Baltimore, Bethesda, and Annapolis typically have higher ketamine therapy prices due to increased operational expenses. Conversely, clinics in rural areas may offer lower prices. Still, these clinics could lack specialized services, driving patients to urban centers despite the higher costs.


High-end facilities, like Bethesda ketamine clinics, with luxurious settings and additional amenities, may charge premium prices. These clinics provide a more comfortable environment and enhanced treatment experience, including private rooms, extended monitoring, and further therapeutic services such as yoga, meditation, and nutritional counseling.

How to Reduce Ketamine Costs in Maryland

Maryland residents have several options to make ketamine more accessible and affordable. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for ketamine therapy varies. IV and IM ketamine therapies are often out-of-pocket, but some insurance providers cover part of the costs if deemed medically necessary. Maryland should consult their providers to explore insurance coverage and potential reimbursement for IV, IM, and Spravato® therapies. Avesta Ketamine and Wellness is one of the few Ketamine clinics in the nation that is in-network with certain payers for Ketamine treatments. 

Private Funding and Financing

Many Maryland ketamine clinics offer financing through healthcare credit card companies. Avesta Ketamine and Wellness, for example, partners with Advance Care to provide flexible payment options. Additionally, services like Reimbursify help patients maximize insurance reimbursements for ancillary services, including consultations and monitoring.

Contact Avesta’s Bethesda, Maryland Ketamine Clinic to learn about your insurance, financing, and reimbursement options. 

Discount Programs

Some Maryland ketamine clinics provide discounts for specific patient groups, such as veterans and first responders. For instance, Avesta offers free ketamine therapy for eligible VA members and discounted rates for first responders and service members without VA healthcare coverage.

Ketamine Infusions in Bethesda, MD, McLean, VA and Washington, DC

Clinical Trials

Participating in clinical trials can offer access to ketamine therapy at reduced or no cost. Patients can find ongoing ketamine trials in Maryland through resources like

Employer Benefits

A growing number of employers include ketamine therapy in their healthcare plans. Companies partnering with benefits administrators like Enthea offer coverage for ketamine therapy, similar to dental or vision benefits. 

Dr. Bronner’s, for example, provides ketamine-assisted therapy benefits through Enthea. Avesta’s Bethesda ketamine clinic partners with Enthea and Tara Mind to offer subsidized care for eligible patients.

Maryland Ketamine Therapy vs. National Averages

Ketamine therapy costs in Maryland are comparable to national averages, with six-session protocols typically costing between $2,400 to $6,000 or more. Price variations depend more on specific treatment protocols and provider expertise than state differences.

How to Find an Affordable Ketamine Clinic in Maryland

Finding an affordable Maryland ketamine clinic requires some research and strategic planning. Here are key steps and tips to help identify centers that offer accessible, quality care.

1. Research Clinics Online

Start by researching ketamine clinics in Maryland online. Look for clinics with detailed websites that provide comprehensive information about their services and financial support services. Pay attention to clinics that offer a variety of ketamine therapy types (IV, KAP, IM, Spravato®) and payment options. 

2. Look for Free Pricing Consultation Calls

Many reputable ketamine clinics, like Avesta, offer free pricing consultation calls. These consultations are an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the cost of different ketamine therapies, along with payment plans and any available discounts. 

During these calls, inquire about the total cost of treatment, including any additional fees for monitoring or ancillary services. Clinics that provide free consultations are often more willing to work with patients to find affordable solutions.

3. Check for Payment Plans and Financing Options

Many Maryland ketamine clinics offer options to help patients reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Some provide in-house payment plans so patients can spread the total treatment cost over several months. Others partner with healthcare credit companies that finance the treatment at a low interest rate. When researching clinics, look for providers who go the extra mile to ease the financial burden.

5. Explore Insurance Coverage

Find Maryland ketamine clinics, like Avesta, with in-house insurance experts who can assist you with understanding and maximizing your insurance benefits. These professionals will guide you through the process of requesting insurance coverage for ketamine therapy, including pre-authorization requirements and potential reimbursements. Clinics that actively assist with insurance claims are more likely to help you reduce out-of-pocket costs.

7. Compare Multiple Clinics

Consider comparing multiple ketamine clinics in terms of pricing, financing options, and the quality of care they provide. Make a list of potential clinics and contact each one for detailed information. Comparing options will help you find the best balance between cost and quality.

9. Utilize Community Resources and Support Groups

Local mental health support groups, like the Mental Health Association of Maryland, and community resources can sometimes provide recommendations for affordable ketamine clinics. These groups may have members who have undergone ketamine therapy and can share their experiences and insights on finding cost-effective treatment options.

The Bottom Line

Navigating ketamine therapy costs in Maryland involves understanding the various treatment options, provider considerations, and subsidization opportunities. Maryland residents can schedule a free consultation with Avesta’s insurance experts for personalized guidance on making ketamine therapy more approachable. 

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