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Our Holistic Approach to Mental Health

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At Avesta, we believe a holistic approach, with a team of mental health practitioners, that includes psychiatrists, psychologists and other trained professionals, is the best method for addressing mood disorders.

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We advocate for healthy diets and exercise to enhance the results of the Ketamine infusions. The human body needs the right balance of vitamins, nutrients, and movement to function at its optimal levels.  We recommend small walks in the nutrient-rich sunshine as a first step.

We also offer IV and intramuscular vitamin infusions at both of our clinics, located conveniently in Bethesda, MD and McLean VA.  These infusions ensure that our patients’ bodies are taking in the right balance of vitamins and nutrients. You can relax in one of our relaxing, private rooms, while getting the treatments.

Consider, and consult with us, about a a Vitamin treatment along with your Ketamine treatment (or by itself). Please contact us today for your appointment.

Ketamine Infusions in Bethesda, MD, McLean, VA and Washington, DC

Be well!

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