John C.
Submitted 07/21/23
My initial interview was informative and reassuring and led to my making appointments for the initial 6 sessions. I’m looking forward to having the treatment.

Irene L.
Submitted 07/06/23
after a bad experience at a different facility I was left scrambling to find a new spot for my next appoint which was in less than 24 hours. they were able to squeeze me in so seamlessly. it meant a lot to me and they just seemed overall more professional and organized than the other facility. also the nurse that took care of me is a crna so she did a great job getting my iv the first time!

Rob B.
Submitted 04/29/23
They are so nice here, I went for chronic pain and was absolutely stymied when it went from an 8 to a 6 to a 5 to 3 to a 2. It’s been about 10 days and I hover between a 2 and a 4 depending on my activity and whether or not I take a Troche. Seriously the staff are so nice, make you feel safe and cared for, I can’t recommend this enough for the conditions I have suffered for 20 years with an implanted fentanyl pump which is now being decreased am looking forward to the day it gets removed! If you are looking into K Treatment look no further this is definitely the place for you! Every single thing is explained as they take you through process. I went to Bethesda location I have to give a big thanks to Nate for all your help and conversations, to Tonya, my first NP for working so hard and achieved success with my thin veins, to Madison for being so caring and in 4th treatment got my vein on first try, and definitely to Sam on my 5th and last of initial 5 day booster protocol, for being so forthright, caring and so determined because it was a tough vein day but of course he achieved success! So if you’re a tough stick they are very caring and very very good at what they do! All the NP’s are wonderful. Avesta has altered my life for the better. I’m so thankful for the first day when Dr. Eshkavari did my phone screening and explain things so thoroughly!

Nicole S.
Submitted 03/29/23
A truly positive, healing and professional experience that far exceeded my expectations in relief of my chronic and neuropathic pain. I have tried numerous surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and after my 1st infusion session I left feeling 75-80% reduction in my pain. I highly recommend Dr. Eshkevari and her dedicated team.

Submitted 03/26/23
Great bedside manner and overall care and concern. Easy in and out

Karl F.
Submitted 03/21/23
Incredible experience. Dr. Eshkevari and Stephanie Gordon are always professional, helpful, kind and caring. Their dedication to their clients and patients is evident everytime I visit.

Chris B.
Submitted 03/16/23
I had a nice visit – staff was lovely and great to see Stephanie as always! My area of concern is greeting some guidance on what to think about? Also – wonder if listening to affirmations might help rewire the brain with positive thoughts etc – thanks

Diana G.
Submitted 03/16/23
It worked but not for too long. Unfortunately, the treatment is expensive, and I cannot afford maintenance.

Layla Q.
Submitted 02/13/23
Dr. E is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable and answers all questions. I have experienced great results so far. The only way to explain it is that it’s life changing.

David F.
Submitted 01/10/23
I am a practicing physician and was treated as a patient at Avesta’s Bethesda office. The office environment was welcoming, professional, and clean without feeling sterile, The office staff were all friendly, informative, and created a sense of safety and competence. The infusion experience was seamless and I was monitored closely without interfering in the treatment. Dr. Eshkavari’s credentials and extensive experience in the field provided an additional layer of confidence and trust. I highly recommend this practice if you are interested in or prescribed Ketamine therapy.

Submitted 12/21/22
Dr. Eshkevari is a warm, kind, communicative and modern healer. Her and her staff have created a safe haven for healing and transformation. Having struggled with depression all my life this is the most effective treatment I have ever tried.

Rachel B.
Submitted 12/20/22
Avesta provides 5 star service across the board. All of their locations are very convenient, exceptionally clean, comfortable, and welcoming. I love that I can easily get to their DC and Bethesda locations by public transportation all the way from Baltimore city! Their staff is incredibly attentive, talented, and kind. The team of treatment providers that they have are extremely knowledgeable and patient. You’re in excellent hands with their whole team, but it’s always a treat when the practice owner, Dr. Eshkevari, is there. She honestly might be the warmest and friendliest medical provider I have ever seen, not to mention she’s exceedingly informed and experienced in her field. Not only is she an expert at treating patients with ketamine, she has a bedside manner that is truly unparalleled. It’s clear her entire staff takes a cue from her. The environment that you’re in makes a huge difference when it comes to how effective your treatment will be, which makes Avesta’s attention to detail even more fantastic. Their treatment rooms are spacious yet cozy with really comfortable recliners and throw blankets in case you get chilly. They do an amazing job of almost keeping the clinical aspects “hidden” so you truly feel like you’re just going to your special little sanctuary for an hour long reset – not some stale and impersonal hospital room. I have completed my three week infusion period and now go in for boosters once every six to eight weeks, and feel like I finally have my life back after decades of battling PTSD. I can’t recommend Avesta or this treatment enough.

Ket S.
Submitted 11/13/22

Mary M.
Submitted 03/19/22
As usual, I was treated with care and respect. Dr. Eshkevari is kind and patient. She listens! I’d recommend her to anyone.

Nora S.
Submitted 03/19/22
You will be in good hands now. My previous clinic was run like a business. My experience with the infusions is pleasant now whereas with my previous clinic the infusions were effective but extremely unpleasant and I would pass out. Some people are better at their jobs than others. Dr Eshkavari is one of those people. I’ve moved to another state and am going with a clinic Dr. Eshkavari has recommended but if I ever have a question I will call her.

Submitted 03/18/22
I have been visiting Dr. Eshkevari’s office for a little over a year now and I will say that she is one of the best providers I have had! She is knowledgeable, patient, and really helps you to know that you are in a safe space. The staff that she also has is terrific. The experience can be scary at first but once you allow yourself to let the treatment help you it is truly rewarding!

Kathleen M.
Submitted 03/16/22
Dr. E is an angel. The first person or professional ever in my life to acknowledge my pain and validate my traumatic life experiences. She treats with compassion first, Ketamine second. Dr. E and her team, gave me- my body, my brain, my heart, the medicine it so badly needed to reset, recover, and rest- for what feels to me like, a first time in 40 years.

Donnette L.
Submitted 02/28/22
Young was gentle and patient, in manner, tone and touch. He encouraged questions, while being honest about his professional limitations. He is a calming presence during what could be initially scary for some. He is very well suited for the role and seems to understand instinctively, how to relate to me.

Danny T.
Submitted 12/15/21
I can’t overstate how helpful my treatment has been in dealing with my anxiety (of which there’s been cause for plenty as of late), or how comforting an environment the whole team has made in what would otherwise be an intimidating experience!

Amy R.
Submitted 11/12/21
Yung was extremely helpful and even let me listen my music without headphones when I was having problems getting my Bluetooth headphones to pair with my phone. Staff are always very friendly and helpful and I have always had good experiences.

John P.
Submitted 11/08/21
They really go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and receive the best experience possible.

Jake G.
Submitted 09/02/21
I really do love this place and the people here. Only positive vibes and encouragement has come from the entire staff at some point or another. The environment at the McLean office is very laid back and relaxing for patients. The only down side being cost of treatments and insurance isn’t accepted/ don’t cover it. However I will say that comes with the territory and this is the cheapest place I found in northern VA. I’m very happy I met them. Treatment’s are changing my mindset and outlook on life as a whole. Particularly by identifying what’s important to me and what’s not & letting go of anything that doesn’t serve me anymore. If you need a different avenue of treatment and are on the fence I’d give it a shot.

Gabrielle H.
Submitted 06/08/21
Excellent care!

Punam S.
Submitted 03/17/21
Stephanie’s very kind and considerate nurse. I appreciate how at ease she makes me feel. Thanks!

Lisa A.
Submitted 03/17/21
Dr. E. Is always very professional yet friendly and welcoming. I always feel very comfortable during my treatments! I would highly recommend her!

Jeremy A.
Submitted 03/17/21