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Why Choose Avesta as Your Ketamine Infusion Clinic

Avesta providers consulting on insurance coverage for IV infusions

Written by Deborah Tan, Avesta Ketamine Wellness Co-CEO

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    Avesta providers consulting patients on ketamine insurance coverage

    You’ve been through a challenging journey, grappling with mental health issues for years without relief or suffering through chronic, unabated pain. Traditional treatments haven’t worked, and that’s beyond frustrating. 

    You’re courageous for considering ketamine infusion therapy as an alternative protocol. But caution is critical. Many ketamine clinics in Virginia, Maryland, and nationwide operate without high standards, compromising your safety and care.

    This article is your roadmap to selecting the right IV ketamine clinic near you, focusing on Avesta’s patient-centered, research-backed, collaborative approach. Avesta’s goal is more than immediate relief—it’s securing your long-term well-being.

    Clinical Expertise & High Safety Standards

    Avesta clinician taking bloood pressure at its ketamine infusion clinic

    Selecting a ketamine clinic with experienced practitioners and rigorous safety protocols ensures you receive effective treatment and support. When it comes to ketamine infusion therapy, expertise is non-negotiable. 

    At Avesta Ketamine and Wellness, you’ll find a team led by Dr. Ladan Eshkevari, a pioneer in the field. Her experience spans over 20 years in anesthesia and pain management. She is a proven leader in ketamine research, education, and practice. 

    Dr. Ladan Eshkevari at Avesta ketamine infusion clinic


        • For seven years, Dr. Eshkevari has administered IV ketamine therapy in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) to patients with chronic mental health conditions and pain.

        • Many DMV clinics follow her protocols as Dr. Eshkevari is one of the first ketamine providers in the D.C. area. 

        • Dr. Eshkevari was also the Program Director and Professor in the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program at Georgetown University. She retired as Professor Emeritus after 25 years of teaching numerous subjects, including ketamine at graduate programs and the medical school.

        • Numerous publications have highlighted her work, including National Geographic and Time Magazine. 

      Dr. Eshkevari and the Avesta team, drawing upon her 20 years of teaching and researching ketamine and seven years of practice, ensure strict adherence to peer-reviewed protocols and dosing. They also maintain rigorous safety guidelines for IV infusion administration.

      IV Ketamine infusions for depression anxiety ptsd chronic pain fibromyalgia CRPS Bethesda MD McLean VA Washington DC


      The Team

      Supporting Dr. Eshkevari is a stellar team of highly adept professionals, each contributing unique skills to Avesta’s patient-centered approach. All providers are board-certified advanced practitioners. 

      Among them is Dr. Anne Bielamowicz, an anesthesiologist with over 25 years of experience, who has served as an Associate Professor at Georgetown University Hospital and Chief of Anesthesia at OrthoVirginia. 

      Sam, a Family Nurse Practitioner, brings 14 years of healthcare experience, including emergency and hospice care. 

      Lauren, a Family Nurse Practitioner, brings eight years of experience along with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.

       Joyce is an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and Neuroscience. 

      The team also includes a mix of trained medical assistants and administrative staff like Stephanie, Jazlyn, Christina, Lulu, Koby, and Monica, who hold degrees in Public Health, Psychology, Biology, and Healthcare Administration. 

      Together, they represent a multidisciplinary ensemble deeply committed to your care and safety.

      Avesta ketamine infusion clinic patient testimonial

      Patient Advocates & Educators

      Finding a ketamine clinic that prioritizes your needs and emotions is challenging but essential to receiving comprehensive care.

      Avesta clinician administering IV ketamine to clinic patient.

      When you choose Avesta, you’re gaining advocates committed to making you feel safe and heard. If your current psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist is hesitant about ketamine, Avesta steps in to inform them about the benefits, ensuring you get the help you need.

      Avesta’s practitioners are heart-centered, always listening and adjusting toward greater compassion. Unlike clinics that limit conversations and time spent with patients during scheduled appointments, Avesta’s providers sit patiently with you, asking careful questions to understand how you are doing and how your infusions have been working. The team will rapidly adjust the treatment plan to make it work for you. 

      Avesta providers, led by Dr. Eshkevari, have the familiarity and expertise that come from being independent providers and advanced nurse practitioners. Their healthcare experience and superior infusion skills (there’s a reason nurses are known for being the best injectors!) in a trusted, calm environment seek to put you at ease. 

      Education is also a cornerstone of the practice. Avesta knows you have many questions, and the team is excited to answer them thoroughly and honestly. 

      Avesta offers free telehealth consultations to give you a preview of what to expect and determine if you’re a good candidate. During this consultation, they answer your questions and explain the possibilities and limitations of ketamine infusions. Avesta’s providers will also share the latest science in mental health and ketamine therapy.

      The care continues after your sessions. Expect calls from Avesta’s nurses between your first and sixth treatments to check in on how you’re doing. Expect follow-ups during the post-treatment maintenance phase to understand your progress. The team is ready and waiting to become a crucial part of your journey.

      Rob B. patient testimonial for Avesta ketamine infusion clinic

      Collaborative Care & Personalized Protocols

      One way to ensure you’re getting the best possible treatment is to opt for ketamine clinics that offer collaborative care models. At Avesta, this means the team aligns closely with your current doctors and psychotherapists to personalize your ketamine therapy plan.

      Ketamine infusion clinic practitioner collaborating on patient care

      Collaborative care benefits:


          • Personalized Plans: When more minds are involved, you get a treatment plan that’s truly tailored to your current needs and medical history.

          • Safety Measures: Rest easy knowing that professionals are working together to ensure ketamine is safe and effective for your condition.

          • Ongoing Monitoring: Your care team regularly reviews and adjusts the treatment plan to adapt to your needs.

        Avesta is meticulous with your safety. Before prescribing anything, Avesta’s practitioners consult with your psychiatrist or medication management provider to screen for potential drug interactions.

        Your provider will help Avesta adapt the treatment plan to your unique needs. If you’re struggling with immediate issues, like suicidal thoughts or unbearable pain, the team will check in more frequently to ensure you’re getting the care you need when you need it.

        Having a therapist or psychiatrist isn’t a requirement to receive ketamine therapy. However, Avesta strongly recommends it for the most supportive and dynamic experience.

        Warm Environment & Conveniently Located

        When selecting a “ketamine clinic near me,” the atmosphere and location can profoundly impact your healing journey. Avesta understands this well:

        Warm Environment: Avesta designed its clinics to make you feel at ease. From inspiring art to soft couches and vibrant plants, each space is curated to instill tranquility.

        Customizable Treatment Rooms: Avesta encourages patients to bring personal comfort items like pillows, blankets, and photos to create a secure and familiar space for healing.

        Convenient and Safe Location: Avesta’s clinics are in safe urban areas, in Bethesda, MD, Washington D.C., and McLean, VA, within walking distance to parks and public transportation, including the DC Metro Red Line. This ensures reaching the clinic for treatment is hassle-free.

        Your comfort and convenience are integral parts of Avesta’s ethos.

        Rachel B. Avesta ketamine clinic testimonial

        Talk Therapy and Post-Treatment Support

        Ketamine treatment itself is transformative. At the same time, integrating those experiences into daily life with psychotherapy assistance and post-treatment support is essential. That’s where Avesta’s comprehensive care comes into play.

        talk therapy post ketamine treatments

        Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy: Avesta refers you to ketamine integrative psychotherapy specialists to deepen the impact of the infusions. These experienced professionals guide you through preparatory sessions before infusions and between sessions to help you make sense of and meaning of the experience. These sessions help you form new, healthier thought patterns.

        Post-Treatment Follow-ups: Avesta stays in touch, offering personalized ketamine booster plans to prevent relapses and ensure long-lasting benefits. Their nurses are also easily reachable via a direct line, returning calls within minutes.

        Therapist Referrals: If you don’t already have a therapist, you’ll also want to consider seeking mental health support in the weeks and years following your ketamine protocol. Avesta’s care team can refer you to trusted providers in their network who understand this innovative therapy and can guide you throughout the wellness path.

        Financial Assistance

        Avesta staff offering financial assistance advice

        Navigating ketamine therapy costs can be overwhelming, considering insurance providers rarely cover the fee. Opt for a clinic that goes above and beyond to assist you with ketamine insurance and savings options.

        Avesta, for instance, is out-of-network, but they offer cost-offsetting tools to make ketamine therapy more accessible.

        During a no-cost consultation, Avesta’s insurance specialists provide superbill codes so you can consult your insurance carrier about possible reimbursement.

        Additionally, Avesta offers services like Reimbursify, aimed at helping you maximize refund options and the Advance Care Card for interest-free financing.

        The Bottom Line

        You need a warm and understanding ketamine clinic that can be your voice of hope. Avesta advocates for patients like you who are weary from the struggles of an inadequate healthcare system. Its IV ketamine clinics in Bethesda, MD, Washington D.C., and McLean, VA, provide a safe space to heal without judgment. Avesta aims to make you feel truly heard and seen, to be your beacon of light.

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