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Reston Town Center is a vibrant and lively urban center in the heart of Virginia. It offers a variety of attractions, activities, and amenities that can enhance your mental wellness and make your therapy sessions more enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll, a cultural experience, or a fun adventure, Reston Town Center has something for everyone.

Fountain with statue in reston town

What makes Reston Town Center unique?

Reston Town Center is not just a shopping mall. It is a community hub that hosts events, festivals, concerts, and exhibitions annually. It is also home to the Reston Museum, the Greater Reston Arts Center, and the Bow Tie Cinemas. You can learn about the history and culture of Reston, admire local and international artworks, or watch a movie in a cozy theater. Reston Town Center also features a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars that cater to different tastes and preferences. You can savor delicious cuisines worldwide, enjoy coffee or tea, or unwind with a drink at night.

view of parking lot in reston town

What can you visit at Reston Town Center?

Reston Town Center is a great place to practice mindfulness and appreciate the present moment. You can visit the following places to enhance your mental well-being:

  • The Pavilion: This is the central gathering place of Reston Town Center. It hosts ice skating in winter and concerts and events in summer. You can join the activities or simply sit and observe the people and the surroundings.
  • The Fountain: This beautiful water feature creates a soothing ambiance. You can listen to the sound of the water, feel the spray on your skin, or toss a coin and make a wish.
  • The Park: This green oasis offers a respite from the urban hustle and bustle. You can walk on the paths, relax on the benches, or admire the flowers and trees.

Advice for visitors:

If you are planning to visit Reston Town Center, here are some tips to make your trip more enjoyable:

When is it open?

Reston Town Center is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays, 10 am to 10 pm on Saturdays, and 11 am to 7 pm on Sundays. Some businesses may have different hours of operation.

What to wear?

Reston Town Center is an outdoor venue, so dress according to the weather and season. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that allow you to move freely and explore.

Is it family-friendly?

Yes, Reston Town Center is a family-friendly place that welcomes children and pets. There are playgrounds, fountains, and parks for kids to enjoy. There are also pet-friendly businesses and areas for your furry friends.

When is it best to visit?

Reston Town Center is lively and vibrant all year round, but some seasons may offer more attractions and events than others. For example, winter is ideal for ice skating and holiday festivities, while summer is perfect for outdoor concerts and festivals.

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Reston Town Center is a beautiful destination for anyone who wants to improve their mental health and have fun at the same time. It offers a range of activities, attractions, and amenities that suit any mood and interest. By visiting Reston Town Center, you can enrich your therapy experience and discover new ways to enjoy life.

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A Cultural Trip Through Virginia: From Morven Park to Avesta Ketamine

Route Overview: Morven Park Grounds to 6861 Elm St, McLean, VA 22101

Morven Park Grounds

    Address: 17339 Southern Planter Ln, Leesburg, VA 20176, United States

    Follow VA267 E/Dulles Greenway via Fairview St NW and VA7 E.

Reston Town Center

    Address: 11900 Market St, Reston, VA 20190, United States

    Continue on VA267 E to VA286 N/Fairfax County Pkwy in Reston, then to Reston Town Center.

S Fairfax St

    Address: Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

    Head to Alexandria via I495 S/I95 S, Wolf Trap, and S Fairfax St.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

    Address: 9750 Meadowlark Gardens Ct, Vienna, VA 22182, United States

    Proceed to Vienna via VA267 W, VA28 S, and Air and Space Museum Pkwy.

Steven F. UdvarHazy Center

    Address: 14390 Air and Space Museum Pkwy, Chantilly, VA 20151, United States

    Head west on Air and Space Museum Pkwy, merging onto VA28 N, and follow the route to the UdvarHazy Center.

Dulles International Airport

    Address: 1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA 20166, United States

    Take VA267 W from Rudder Rd, Autopilot Dr, Ariane Way, and VA606 W, then continue to Dulles International Airport.

Bush Tabernacle Skating Rink

    Address: 250 S. Nursery Ave., Purcellville, VA 20132, United States

    Head to Purcellville via VA7 E from N Hatcher Ave and Hirst Rd.

Great Falls Park

    Address: 9200 Old Dominion Dr, McLean, VA 22102, United States

    Drive to Great Falls Park via Old Dominion Dr, Dolley Madison Blvd, Elm St, and follow the signs to the park.

6861 Elm Stf

    Address: McLean, VA 22101, USA

    Continue south on Old Dominion Dr, turn left onto Dolley Madison Blvd, then right onto Elm St to reach the destination.

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness

6861 Elm ST, McLean, VA, Suite 3E, McLean, VA 22101


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